safer drop off and pick up


We know that some families have to drive to and from school for a variety of reasons. The roads immediately by the school, Bruntsfield Avenue and Montpelier, are closed to vehicles, other than residents, during the drop off and pick up times. This helps children arrive by foot more safely, and reduces traffic pollution in the vicinity of the school.

In order to avoid congestion and dangerous parking in the adjacent streets, we’ve highlighted a few local streets where you are more likely to find a proper parking space (either permit holder or pay and display). You can drop your child off, or park and walk with them to the school gates. These streets are within an easy 5-10 minute walking distance of the school.


We strongly discourage double parking or idling your vehicle on any streets. Double-parking and idling contributes to congestion, poses a risk to other pavement and road users, and is inconsiderate to local residents.