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Autumn term 18/19: Clubs start from 3rd of September.

Spring term 18/19: Club registry will open some time in November.

As always, a "Big Thank You" to all the wonderful volunteers and tutors who make our clubs possible
Questions regarding clubs usually best answered by relevant club administrators


We're an active community of parents and carers of children at Bruntsfield Primary School. This site provides information about the Parent Council and after school clubs. If you're looking for information about the school itself, our community or school activities you can find what you're after on the official school website

What we do
  • organise extracurricular clubs before and after school, at lunchtime and at weekends in sports, languages, music, drama, science and the arts
  • run a series of events throughout the year to have fun and raise funding for the school
  • support the School Management and participate as “parent helpers” in class and on school trips
  • work with other schools and the wider community

This site is for the parents and carers of Bruntsfield Primary School students who

  • wish to learn more about what the Parent Council does and how to get involved
  • want to apply for their children to attend clubs organised and run by the Bruntsfield Primary School Parent Forum. 
  • would like to add an additional email address to the general Bruntsfield Parent Forum mailing list. In this case, please select the "Parent Forum Mailing List"  when registering. All email addresses associated with the other club-related registration options are automatically added to the list
You can log in once registered to

  • apply for clubs for your children
  • manage and update your account and emergency information
  • pay for clubs once your child has been accepted
Membership on this site IS NOT AUTOMATIC and does not automatically renew. Information on the availability of clubs and on application deadlines will be posted on this site.

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