What do you imagine an improved playground at Bruntsfield Primary School could look like?

Ms Lamond and a few parents are already thinking about this, and need your help to kickstart some gardening as the first phase to improve the space for education and recreation.

Do you have gardening knowledge that you can offer advice on site for a couple of hours? Specifically on what plants will grow best in that space, and where, and seasonally throughout the year. We are aiming to do this in the coming weeks as winter ends.

Let us know if you can spare time for this, and if you would like to support the project more generally – we would love to have a few people involved to work together. Many of us are looking forward to having the opportunity again to come together at the school after the restrictions of the last two years, to get to know each other and be involved in supporting our children’s experiences in school – the outdoors is a good place to start to enhance their health and wellbeing, in lessons as well as for their recreational breaks.

Other aspects of playground improvement will include physical activity and smaller calm spaces including sensory aspects such as lighting, all feedback that pupils have already given. Gathering children’s views will be central to the project, coordinated by Ms Lamond, and out of that we will know what is important to our children and their needs.

Thank you for giving your time and knowledge, in whatever capacity you can – get in touch with us at [email protected]  and we will reply quickly, to build the collaboration we need to make this project happen.



As a follow up to our previous communication regarding the Playground improvement project, please find below a link to a few photos of the playground for reference, in particular for those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to see the lower playground at the back of the school >> VIEW PHOTOS
In response to parent suggestions that these visuals were needed, we hope that you will find it useful and to feed back to us with ideas on improvement for the area, and those based on your child/children’s experiences.
You can submit ideas in three ways:
  1. Post digitally your ideas on our Playground Padlet (includes ‘how to’ post and can be anonymous):
  2. Email directly [email protected]
  3. Attend a meet-up. Email [email protected] for details. Meeting dates are: 1st April 9.30am, 7th April 7.30pm and 8th April 9.30am