Thanks to everyone who attended the fundraiser on Saturday 27 November – we raised £596 for the parent council funds, to be used on behalf of the parent forum for activities and supplies.

I found the sense of community on the day delightful. From tables to gazebos to handmade “home baking” signs, so many of you turned up and joined in. And it seems that everyone enjoyed themselves. We set up the end point at the Eric Liddell Centre with a feedback sheet for the children to say how they enjoyed it – I would love to get such positive feedback at work from my colleagues!

A big thanks to the Eric Liddell Centre for hosting the end point of our trail, and a clue to the anagram (gingerbread) which was maybe a bit too tricky for our youngsters (and some of the adults…). And also thanks to Dig In for providing the bags for the amply stocked bake sale. The creativity and range of baking was brilliant – thanks to all the bakers.

And last but not least, thank to the team who helped with all the preparation in advance. 🙂

I’ll be happy to take any further feedback if you have any to make a record for anyone looking to do an event next year.


Vice Chair, Bruntsfield Parent Council