Bagpipes & Chanter

As we are unable to offer the usual bagpipe and chanter classes in school this term I have some availability for online lessons.

To learn to play the bagpipes we start off on the Chanter – smaller, cheaper, quieter and easier to blow. I may have some chanters available to borrow after I get them back from pupils who don’t intend to learn from me this term. After a couple of years or so (depending on physical size as well as ability and amount of practice!) pupils are able to move on to the bagpipes proper.


This term I will be offering some group (up to 4 pupils) and solo Zoom lessons for beginners up to advanced. Complete beginners are welcome from P3 upwards but P3 and P4 complete beginners will need a parent to take part in the first few lessons as well to make sure the fingering is correct as everything hinges on this.


Due to my work commitments most teaching will take place on Friday afternoons from 1:30pm


For further details please email me at [email protected] or contact me through facebook as Speug the Piper.

Also if any of last year’s beginners are not continuing and need to return a chanter please contact me to arrange a pick up.