Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club is open to all children from P4-P7 who have an interest in writing. The Club uses interactive exercises to bring out the fun and creativity of writing, helping pupils to gain skill and confidence in their storytelling and in themselves.

The first half-hour of each session focuses on fun activities. These include, for example, writing dialogue for a comic strip, designing a “Wanted” poster for a made-up character, and choosing an adjective for each letter of the alphabet while tossing a ball between participants.

After a short break, the children then apply what they’ve learned to a longer story they are working on. So, for example, adjectives from the ball game could be used to describe the main character of their story.

Cost: £6.00 per session, the total of £66.00 payable at the start of term.

Venue: Due to Covid-19, the Club will be run via Zoom. The tutor ran it that way last term and the children really enjoyed it. She will distribute the link to all participants before the first class.

Date & Time:

  • P4 & P5 (maximum 8): Monday, 16:00 – 17:00 p.m.
  • P6 & P7 (maximum 10): Monday, 17:05 – 18:05 p.m.

The club will begin on 28 September and continue until 14 December 2020. There will be no class on 19 October due to the October break.

Lead Tutor: Margaret Ries

Contact: 07500-278856 or email: [email protected]