Bruntsfield Parents


 Wednesday 14th January 7.00-8.45 PM  Agenda  Minutes
 Wednesday 18th March 7.00-8.45 PM  Agenda  Minutes
 Wednesday 13th May 7.00-8.45 PM  Agenda  Minutes
 Wednesday 10th June 7.00-8.45 PM  Agenda  Minutes
 Wednesday 2nd Sept 7.00-8.45 PM  Agenda  Minutes
 Tuesday 29th Sept 7.00-8.45 PM (AGM)  Agenda  Minutes
 Wednesday 28th Oct 7.00-8.45 PM  Agenda  Minutes


Tuesday 2nd February 7.00-8.45 PM  Agenda  Minutes
Wednesday 16th March 7.00-8.45 PM Agenda
Wednesday 18th May 7.00-8.45 PM
Wednesday 15th June 7.00-8.45 PM
Agenda  Minutes
Wednesday 31 August 7.00-8.45 PM Agenda  Minutes  
Wednesday 21 September 7.00-8.45 PM - AGM Agenda  Minutes  
Wednesday 16 November 7.00-8.45 PM Agenda  Minutes  
Modern Languages 
Bruntsfield Primary School Homework Policy 


Tuesday 31st January 7.00-8.45 PM  Agenda  Minutes  Clubs update
Wednesday 15th March 7.00-8.45 PM Agenda  Minutes  
Wednesday 17th May 7.00-8.45 PM
Agenda  Minutes  
Wednesday 14th June 7.00-8.45 PM
Agenda  Minutes  
Wednesday 30th August 7.00-8.45 PM Agenda  Minutes  
Wednesday 20th September 7.00-8.45 PM - AGM DINING HALL Agenda  Minutes  
Wednesday 15th November 7.00-8.45 PM Agenda  Minutes 


Tuesday 30th January 7.00-8.45 PM Agenda
 MinutesFunding Application; Technologies Across Learning
Funding Application; Introduction to Yoga 
Addendum to minutes; Yoga provision 

Wednesday 14th March 7.00-8.45 PMAgenda
Wednesday 16th May 7.00-8.45 PM
 MinutesFunding application; Yoga provision across the year groups
Funding application; Raising attainment through the arts
Funding application; ICT provision 

Wednesday 13th June 7.00-8.45 PM
Wednesday 29th August  7.00-8.45AgendaMinutes 
Tuesday 25th September 7.00-8.45 AGMAgendaMinutes 
 Monday 12th November 7.00-8.45 AgendaMinutes Funding Applications financial tracker 



Tuesday 5th February 7.00-8.45 




 Wednesday 20th March 7.00-8.45 Agenda MinutesFunding tracker 

Yoga funding appliction-compressed.pdf

 Wednesday 8th May 7.00-8.45   
 Monday 10th June 7.00-8.45   

All meetings are in the Staff Room or Stage Hall depending on numbers, and unless otherwise indicated 

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