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After school clubs are educational classes and not childcare. Club tutors and coaches cannot take responsibility for children outwith club sessions. For this reason, the Parents Council has contracted with Kidzcare to provide emergency childcare and medical assistance to all children in after-school clubs. Because of this, Kidzcare is required to have their personal details and parental/carer consent for medical treatment. 

Since the 2015/2016 session, parents and carers whose children are not already enrolled in Kidzcare after-school care are required to provide details and consents through an on-line ‘pre-registration’ process. Pre-registration will be necessary in order for these parents to submit initial applications for clubs places. The resulting information and consents will be passed to Kidzcare, either in digital or paper form.

Please note that providing details and consents does not enrol children for Kidzcare after-school care. There is no charge, either by Kidzcare or the Parents Council, for submitting this information. Parents and carers will only need to submit details and consents once per school year, in the term preceding the first term that their children participate in after-school clubs.

The pre-registration process will consist of providing the usual personal and contact details for each child participating in the after-school clubs. At the end of the pre-registration form, parents/carers will be asked to tick a box and print their names.

Completing the pre-registration form constitutes the following acknowledgement and consent:

  • I understand that Kidzcare has no liability for my child when they are participating in activities which are led by other organisations (e.g. Parents Council After-School Clubs).
  • In the event of my child having an accident which requires them to have emergency treatment, Kidzcare will use their best judgment to contact the emergency services where appropriate. I hereby give my consent to any measure, which the medical officer in charge considers essential.

Please also note that the emergency contact details you provide to Kidzcare are very important:
  • It's the responsibility of the parent/guardian completing this 
    on-line form to ensure that the After School Club Manager is aware of any changes to your child’s collection arrangements, such as a relative or friend collecting the child whose details have not been submitted previously.

  • Kidzcare Staff will ask for identification in this situation to properly identify the person collecting your child before allowing the child to leave the premises. 

If you have questions or concerns about Kidzcare’s provision of emergency childcare and medical assistance, please contact the Kidzcare Bruntsfield manager:


Tel. 0131 228 1700

(updated 31 May 2016)
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