A new booking platform for our clubs

We have changed the booking platform for our after-school clubs for the coming summer term 2020. 

All club bookings for the summer term will now work through 'class4kids':


All clubs are initially on a 'waiting list' setting, please sign up (as usual) for all the clubs you are interested in  - please ignore any alerts that the club is full.

You will probably have to sign up for a new class4kids account, or you might already have one, as a range of children's activities in Edinburgh are managed through this platform. In any case, please make sure that your emergency details on the account are accurate and up to date!

Concession pricing: The rules for concession eligibility won't change, see here for more details: https://bruntsfield.org/brief-guide-to-clubsIf you are eligible for concession pricing, please indicate this through the respective registration question on the new platform. You will receive invoices for the standard price through the new platform, but we will email you voucher codes that allow you to pay the concession price. Please do not pay before you have received your voucher code. Get in contact if you have questions.   

We have successfully piloted the new platform in spring term 2020, but moving to a new platform is a major undertaking, so please bear with us if things don't go as smoothly as usual. We are convinced that the new platform is easier to use and will simplify club booking, but this is a trial and we could still go back to the old platform if the trial is not satisfactory. Website and email communication will still work through the old platform for the time being, with a view to also migrate these services over the next few months.  

Please contact bruntsfieldtech@gmail.com if you have any questions about the new platform.

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