Cancellations and refunds

Clubs places are subject to the following policies for cancellations and refunds.

Cancellation Policy

Once payment is made, the Parent Council is unable to offer refunds or issue credits to parents who subsequently decline or cancel a club place. The Parent Council took this decision, with regret, in September 2014 due to its ongoing commitment to pay the club tutors and the additional administration involved in issuing refunds and re-allocating places.


However, the PC Treasurer will issue credits in when already-paid-for classes are cancelled by the tutor or the venue (e.g. a pool closure). A credit operates as if the parent had made a payment to Parent Council. It reduces the sum to be paid for future clubs: for example, credit for a cancelled swimming class can be used as a payment towards a fencing invoice. If classes are cancelled in the summer term and if the parent has only P7 children, then the PC Treasurer can issue a refund cheque instead.

Because each credit has to be processed by volunteer member of the Parent Council by hand, parents should contact the Treasurer  within 14-days of the cancelled club session to request a credit. Please provide the Treasurer with:
  • The child's name
  • The name of the club or club session that was cancelled
  • The cancelled session date(s) for which credits are being claimed
When the credit has been processed, parents should receive a confirmation email, most likely headed "Bruntsfield Parents Clubs Payment receipt." 

Additional Notes

Please note the Parent Council has a long-standing policy of reserving the right to cancel one class per term without credit/refund if necessary. In the event of a club being unable to run for the remainder of the term for any reason, however, then credits for the remaining classes in the term can be applied for, as per the above credit policy.

In the case of a full school closure leading to all clubs being cancelled on the day, the Parent Council will seek to hold a replacement class. In the event that the venues and/or tutors are unable to provide this class, then due to its ongoing commitment to pay the club tutors and the additional administration involved in issuing refunds (at up to 5 minutes a refund and up to 200 individuals in clubs any one day... you can do the maths!) then depending on the number of classes affected it is likely that the Parent Council will be unable to offer a credit/refund for the sessions cancelled.

Please direct any additional questions to the Parent Council Treasurer.

Updated: March 2018

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