A guide to after school clubs

The Bruntsfield Parent Council runs after-school activity clubs throughout the school year, in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. All children in Years P2 - P7 are eligible to participate in the activity clubs. While tutors are paid to deliver clubs, all clubs administration and support is carried out by parent volunteers.

Please note that we are not a child care provider (contact Kidzcare or Skool Is Out for this) and we are also separate from  Active Schools. Active Schools is run by the council and offer e.g. lunchtime activities such as minikickers, basketball, yoga and more.

We currently run around 24 different types of activities, comprising sports, dance, music, theatre, art and science/technology. Detailed information about the different activities is available to account holders. The contact list provides a short overview of current activities. 

The Parent Council has direct responsibility only for after-school activity clubs where families book places directly through this website.  Families accepting places at after school activity clubs are agreeing to the Code of Conduct.

This webpage provides incoming P2 families and others newcomers to the Bruntsfield community with essential guidance for registering and participating in the Parent Council's after-school activity clubs. 

Getting started

Please note:


Most of the information on this website about our after-school clubs is still up to date and relevant, but the club booking system has moved elsewhere:


To apply for club places you should first create an account on the clubs website. When creating an account:

  • Make sure you select one of the two "Parent or Guardian" options. The third 'email only' option does not provide access to clubs.
  • You may be asked to supply a 'registration code' which you can get from your class rep or the Club Coordinator team (bruntsfieldclubs@gmail.com).

Parents receiving income or other forms of public support may be eligible for a concessional account. Select the "Parent or Guardian (Concessions)" option. Concessional registrations will only be charged 25 percent of the standard clubs' price.

Please note that the account registration process is not automatic, you may need to wait a few days for your account to be fully authorised for club applications.

Available resources for parents includes schedules and guides, and a complete set of current policies.

The registration cycle

Registrations for Autumn, Spring and Summer term clubs take place in the preceding term (see calendar). The registration process is divided into roughly three or four stages:

  1. In the 'Initial Application' phase, which lasts one to two weeks, parents submit applications on the clubs website for places in particular club sessions.
    • Applications are not first-come-first-serve.
    • No invoices will be issued
  2. In the Allocations phase, the parent volunteer club organisers have 7-10 days to allocate places and issue invoices
  3. In the Billing phase, parents then have until the Invoice Settlement Deadline to pay all bills and confirm club places.
  4. Afterwards there are usually a few days at end of the registration process when all unsold places are available first-come/first-serve.

When club sessions are over-subscribed, club organisers may choose to run a waiting list. Places in under-subscribed sessions may become available, first-come/first-serve, after the initial Application Phase. Where parents do not settle invoices by the Invoice Settlement deadline, their clubs places may be reallocated to other families either first-come/first-serve or via the waiting list.

Late registrations, after the termly registration process has closed, are solely at the discretion of individual club organisers. Homework club generally accepts late registrations, especially if supported by the school or a class teacher.

Any questions about the availability of places and allocations for specific clubs should be directed to the club organiser.

Financial issues

Please note that it is generally not possible to receive a refund if you do not wish to take up a place after the invoice has been settled. However, the PC Treasurer will issue class credits in any cases where club sessions are unable to take place.

All questions related to invoices and payments should be directed to the PC Treasurer.

Participating in clubs

After the registration process is complete, club organisers may e-mail parents with any additional details. The organisers will also contact parents if a club session is ever cancelled at short notice.

Please observe the Discipline Policy governing all after-school clubs.

For children enrolled in the Kidzcare after-school childcare club, Kidzcare is responsible for their attendance at the after-school activity clubs.

Club sessions at Bruntsfield School

Children check in with the Bruntsfield PC doorkeepers who will be taking attendance of children attending in-school clubs. 

Children arriving for club sessions after the close of the school day should not arrive more than five minutes early. Children departing club sessions should exit the building and be collected by their families no more than five minutes after the end of their club sessions. 

Club sessions at Morningside United and Christ Church

Access to the Morningside United (MUC) and Christ Church (CC) sites is controlled by our doorkeepers or tutors. Parents are not able to wait within MUC. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children get to MUC or CC, and for collecting them after their club sessions finish. 

Updated: 09 February 2019

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