Bruntsfield Parents

To apply for club places you should first create an account on the clubs website. When creating an account:

  • Make sure you select one of the two "Parent or Guardian" options
  • You may be asked to supply a 'registration code' which you can get from the school office or the Club Coordinators.

Parents receiving income or other forms of public support may be eligible for a concessional account. Select the "Parent or Guardian (Concessions)" option. Concessional registrations will only be charged 25 percent of the standard clubs' price.

In order to view the available clubs and apply it is necessary to have filled in an emergency contact details form. Having correct emergency contact details available to tutors and those providing emergency medical assistance should the need arise is essential. If those details change it is necessary to complete the form again to update the details we hold.

  • One more time... you'll need to complete emergency contact details form giving permission for their assistance before applying for any clubs places.
  • Please note that the checking/processing of the form is not automatic, you may need to wait a few hours for your account to be fully authorised for club applications.

Please make sure to also check the registration periods, club policies and term dates as well as any more information on clubs on the site.

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