Allocating club places

The initial stage of the clubs-registration process is not first-come, first serve. Parents/carers have a one- to two-week ‘window’ to apply for places which are then allocated by the club organizers.

Allocations are made on a club-by-club basis. The allocation criteria vary between clubs:
  • In some very popular and over-subscribed clubs, the organizers ‘rotate’ places so every child will eventually have a turn in the club.

  • For other clubs, where participants develop skills with experience, the allocations process prioritises returning children. Once all returners are placed, new children will be invited to join.
  • Within particular club sessions, organizers may try to maintain a balance of year groups and gender. 
After the allocations process is completed, the remaining places in most clubs will likely be available first-come, first serve. However, organizers may instead choose to operate waiting lists for highly popular clubs or club sessions so that they can prioritise the allocation of any subsequently cancelled places.

Revised: 8 June 2016

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