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Bruntsfield Primary School Parent Council raises funds for good causes, primarily through events organised throughout the school year, from any surplus generated through running the extensive Clubs programme and through one off initiatives.  This process is designed to allow the Parent Council to apply rigour to the distribution of funds, ensuing transparency and good governance.

The Parent Council seek to agree which good causes to support on an annual basis, to allow for considered decision making, and to allow applicants to plan on a reasonable timeframe.  Funding decisions would ideally be made at the time of the AGM, early in the school year, but are possible on an ad hoc basis throughout the year. 

This process is designed to provide applicants with the greatest chance of success and this form has been created to provide you with a framework to allow you to consider the criteria against which your application will be assessed. Members of the Parent Council will be available to assist in working these through with you if required.  For small value grants (e.g. less than £1,000) we only require sections 2 and 6 to be completed.

Applications for funding are encouraged from the whole school community:  teachers, school staff,  parents, club organisers and club tutors. Fundamentally, the Parent Council seeks to support initiatives which can have the widest possible enduring impact on the pupils of Bruntsfield Primary School. We encourage applications to be aligned to the curriculum and to be be deliverable with the support of the teaching body.

We will assess applications against criteria set out below, agreed by the Office Bearers and co-opted members of the Parent Council. Satisfactory applications of under £1,000 will be actioned by this group, satisfactory applications of over £1,000 will be put forward to the wider Parent Council for approval.

The Office Bearers will work with applicants to help refine any applications which fall short, so that they have the best chance of succeeding. In the event that an application does not receive approval, feedback will be made available to the applicant.

Funding criteria

Inclusive: to be relevant to the widest possible pupil body.

: to have impact beyond the funding period.

Progressive : to be able to be built upon after the initial project.

Aligned to the curriculum; to support one or more area of the curriculum.

Please find the funding application form here: application for funding_2019-20.docx.

Funding tracker at June 2019: June Summary Tracker.pdf

If you would like further clarification of the process, please contact the Parent Council Chair, David Urch, bruntsfieldchair@gmail.com

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