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The Parental Involvement and Links to the Community subgroup has set up a system of Parent Representatives, who can coordinate activities within each class. The suggested role of a Parent Representative is the following:

  1. To represent the class on the Parent Council
  2. To collate and update class contact lists
  3. To advertise and promote Parent Forum events
  4. To liaise with the class teacher to discuss ways in which parents could become actively involved in supporting additional class room activities such as golden time, seasonal events and class excursions etc.
  5. If required, to produce a rota identifying which parents / carers are available to help and when.
Class Representatives for 2016-2017

1a     Shari Sabeti

1b     Morag Reid

1c     Lisa Emslie

1/2  Jen Beattie

2a    Caroline Phipps Urch

2b    Karen Galloway

3a    Andrea Thomson

3b    Michelle Brown

3c    Jules Goodlet-Rowley

4a    Fayaz Alibhai

4b    Heather Molyneux

4c    Fran Cattanach

5a    Cheryl Trigg

5b    Tara McGregor

5c    Becky Sutherland     

6a    Sarah Cran 

6b    Holly Provan

6c    Katy Hayne

7a    Alison Milne

7b    Sarah Macrae 

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