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The Parent Forum and Parent Council

The Parent Forum is the organisation made up of and representing all parents and carers of children at Bruntsfield Primary School. It has an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where parents and carers can volunteer to become members of a smaller group, known as the Parent Council, which meets and coordinates the activities of parents across a wide range of roles, and which was established under the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006. 

In addition to running all of the after school clubs, the Parent Council also runs events throughout the year. Nominations for the Parent Council occur at the start of every school year, however there are lots of opportunities to get involved all year round (see below).

2016/17 Office Bearers

  • Chair:  Mark Roberts
  • Vice-Chair:  David Urch
  • Clubs Treasurer:  Loukia Koutsoventi
  • Events Treasurer:  Isobel Paul
  • Secretary:  Sam Hart
  • Club Organisers:  Carmela Carnicella and Sarah Macrae

Core Groups & Coordinators

  • Events Organiser
    • Open
    • For individual events click here
  • Disclosure:
    • Suzanne Kennedy
  • Overall Coordinator, Class Representatives
    •  Katy Hayne
  • School Management Support Sub Group
    • Mark Roberts and David Rowley

Other Groups/Activities

  • School Fund/Primrose Fund
    • TBC
  • Boroughmuir Renewal - Jonathan Pryce
  • Webmaster - Alan Gray

2016/17 Members

Antonis Giannopoulos; Neil Thomas; Elizabeth Tennet, David Rowley, Bill Dorman, Pauline Ah-hot, Sarah Cran, Mark Roberts, Suzanne Kennedy, Samantha Hart, Jonathan Pryce, Andrea Thomson, Douglas McGregor, Alan Gray, Sarah Macrae, Lisa Emslie, Sorour Malaekah, Fran Cattanach, Claire Fyvie, Isobel Paul, Holly Provan, Loukia Koutsoventi, Fayaz Salibhai, Katy Hayne, Barbora Skarabela. 

2016/17 Meeting dates

The Parent Council meets bi-monthly -- here is the schedule. Meetings are held from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the teacher's lounge on the first floor mezzanine and all are welcome.

Volunteer for the Parent Council

The more parents and carers involved in our Parent Council, the better it will be for everyone. To volunteer or to send a query, please email or use the Parent Council mailbox in the school. If you're an existing member you probably know the ropes, otherwise please study the information on this website, or speak to an existing member. Please do volunteer - together we can make a difference.

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